Woollo (2011)
Woollo (2011)
Woollo (2011)
Woollo (2011)

Project description

Meet Chris Olsen, a lad from Woollo, who’s out on bail. Chris doesn’t want to go back to gaol, so for Chris, reporting every day up at Woollo Police Station is crucial.

That is, until one day, his usual cop shop routine gets interrupted by a community of people who need his help.

Chris is then torn between doing the right thing for himself or helping out these people in his community.

Can he manage to get up the cop shop and sign on in time, before its too late? Or will helping out his Community cost him his freedom……Again!

Project details

Elizabeth Wymarra
Black ComedyMetroscreen
Rhea Stephenson, Fran Dobbie, Eloise Schnierer