Our hope is that this medium will inform and help parents/carers/families to create a positive change for our world.”

Youtube: Earthstar 

Earthstar productions
Fran Dobbie, 2021

Fran is currently the Director of Earthstar Productions, bringing awareness and inner strength through the medium of television and interactive workshops. At Earthstar Productions the vision is that through TV/documentary series, information and knowledge about culture is acquired, personal tools to assist Indigenous/non-Indigenous youth when dealing with confronting issues – such as depression, suicide, addiction and anger.

“I am a mum, a teacher, an author, founder of a Charity, motivational speaker and my heritage is Aboriginal from the ‘Yuin’ people. I am a mover and a shaker and I believe in moving forward. Most importantly I smile often and love to have fun”.

Fran Dobbie

Fran Dobbie’s Novels

Fran Dobbie is a school teacher and author of the novels “Whisper”, and “Paperbags and Dreams”. Her heritage is Aboriginal and English, the Yuin people from the south west of New South Wales (NSW).

Fran’s love of the environment is sacred to her and is a part of her everyday life. Amongst her many passions, is to help young people reach their potential so she decided to fill a need for teachers and was the founder of Essere (To Be), a living skills and self-esteem programs for all ages.

Fran Dobbie’s Workshops

Fran Dobbie offers four different types of educational workshops for audiences such as youths, children, professionals, and adults.