Cast From The Storm (2016)

Project description

New country.
New school.
New life.

After fleeing war and persecution in the Middle East, many teenagers find themselves facing a brand new stage — beyond the horror they’ve endured along the way, high-school in Sydney, Australia, is a vastly different challenge. Yet with the help of an innovative theatre program, a unique opportunity awaits.

When a group of survivors hailing from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Serbia meet after-school to share their incredible personal experiences, they each realise they are not alone. As they confront their darkest memories, a powerful transformation begins.

Revealing “Storm Stories” — the stories that made them refugees — and mastering them for the stage, is a cathartic yet problematic process, and the group face a range of disasters on opening night. Steering the ship are three passionate teachers under enormous pressure to provide every child with a bright future.

Cast from the Storm provides a raw and intimate insight into this turbulent and deeply moving journey. As the curtains are raised, silence descends. For some students, this will be the performance of their lives.

Fran Dobbie: Post Production Producer

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