Men Don’t Cry (2015)
Men Don’t Cry (2015)
Men Don’t Cry (2015)
Men Don’t Cry (2015)

Project description

Generation Y & alcohol abuse:  A mother shares & explores her personal journey as she helped the tortured soul of her teenage son fight the demons of a difficult past. The struggles, the internal pain and finally self-preservation. There is a way out!

Producer / Writer: Fran Dobbie
Director: Michelle Cotterill


Dear Fran

Congratulations, congratulations!!!

What a terrific film you’ve made, with excellent directorial decisions. Not showing your son’s identity is more than just keeping his anonymity.  It helps others put themselves in his place. And in your own appearance on screen as a mother you create a very sympathetic “character”. Bill Crews and Bob Randall are wise and appealing elders who give calm, reassuring advice. I’m glad Bill Crews refers to12 step programs.

The film is also well-produced: Vanna Seang did a great job with the cinematography. And of course having an excellent editor makes all the difference!

All the best

Martha Ansara
Documentary Maker
Ballad Films
ABN 52 199 403 779
Martha Ansara
1 Hampden St.
Hurlstone Park NSW 2193 Australia
+612 9573 1886 • – the australian documentary forum

Thoughts from Bob Randall

It was a great blessing that Bob was able to watch your film before its release. He was so happy and honoured to have been able to contribute such an important and meaningful message of hope and always wished you the greatest success with Men Don’t Cry.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. Like Bob, I have such great respect for you and your work and wish you every success with Men Don’t Cry. It is nothing short of an extraordinary, positive contribution to humanity.

With warmest regards,

Barbara Randall

12th July, 2016


I was moved by your wonderful film. I quietly shed a few tears as I watched with two clients. We discussed the contents and how they felt afterwards. It was really productive to discussing recovery from addiction but also the benefits of cultural ways of healing. They now want to have an ‘on country’ experience. Blessings and thanks to you for all the good you do and who you are in the world.

Filomena Leone (ADFNSW – Kathleen York House, Alcohol & Other Drugs support Aftercare Coordinator)

Client 1 – Ally: ”Fran, thank you for sharing your story with us. It gave me a viewpoint (as a recovery addict) that I hadn’t given much consideration – showing the helplessness of those around me while in a self-destructive spiral. I am fascinated by the connection to county and nature and the spiritual connection. I thought that was really beautiful to witness some of that in the film.”

Client 2 – Anonymous: ”Thank you for introducing me to Uncle Bob and his wise words. I want to say how admiring it is to hear the parents side of a child’s addiction. You have an amazing heart and strong courage for sharing yours/your sons story to the world. Keep up the good work, you are a true inspiration.”

Project details

Producer / Writer:
Fran Dobbie
Michelle Cotterill