Miscreation (2019)
Miscreation (2019)
Miscreation (2019)
Miscreation (2019)
Miscreation (2019)
Miscreation (2019)
Miscreation (2019)

Project description

Miscreation is a story that holds a strong message about the effects of bullying at its heart. It stands to exhibit how the actions of tormentors can heavily impact on their victims through both physical and verbal abuse, and how one traumatic incident can change the course of a person’s life forever.

While the story is told through graphic material, and some parts even grotesque; it carries with it an ignored fact that, as fictional as some of these situations or happenings may be, we are always only a hair fraction away from them becoming a reality.

In the world of film, it is important to capture your audience and immerse them in the subject matter through these absolute worst case scenarios we present on screen as an impacting storyline which emotively will capture their attention. Strong, meaningful and direct visuals have an impact on audiences and take them on a journey of self-reflection especially around these current issues today regarding bullying.

As filmmakers to turn our backs on the truths concerning these issues and the graphic nature that often surround them, would be an injustice to ourselves, our audience and the issues themselves. The reality is statistics are growing.

Happy endings do not always exist, but lessons do. So as filmmakers, we want to show the rawness present in our story and share with our audiences a lesson that bullying and intimidation can have a very harsh ripple effect if not addressed immediately.

Highlight Pictures in association with Earthstar Productions 2019.

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Project details

Aaron Warwick
Steven Carnuccio, Domenic Di Mento, Daniel Pike, Aaron Warwick
Fran Dobbie, Steven Carnuccio, Domenic Di Mento, Daniel Pike, Aaron Warwick
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