On The Edge (2009)
On The Edge (2009)
On The Edge (2009)
On The Edge (2009)
On The Edge (2009)
On The Edge (2009)
On The Edge (2009)
On The Edge (2009)
On The Edge (2009)

Project description

ON THE EDGE follows a group of young Indigenous teenagers from Western Sydney over a period of two months as they take a physical, emotional and spiritual journey to discover who they are. The series will be shot in May, June and July 2009.

ON THE EDGE follows a group of young Indigenous teenagers from Western Sydney over a period of two months as they take a physical, emotional and spiritual journey to discover who they are. The series will be shot in May, June and July 2009.

The series will observe the youth as they are guided through challenging life issues and observe the ways they work out ways to deal with these issues. The youth will be put through subliminal learning situations to re-connect with their Indigenous culture, to understand the importance of this heritage and how this knowledge can assist them on the journey of their life.

Alan, Norma Jean, Kayla with the On The Edge Van

The series will be filmed within the community in Western Sydney where the teenagers live. The series will expand to include their extended families and their local community and the audience will gain an insight into the context of these young people’s lives.

The series has been informed by the research project undertaken earlier this year where the proposed participants not only shared their concerns and their dreams but also proposed people they would like to meet and activities they would like to experience. Special guests will be invited to share their experiences and the excursions will expose the teens to experiences to widen their perception of their place in the world

Behind the scenes Crew & Cast

At Earthstar Productions our vision is that this series will inform and inspire many other young people and their parents/carers; to recognise that they are not alone in dealing with these challenging experiences and a hope that they too may gain insights into ways to improve situations internally and externally in their world.

Earthstar believes that by creating a public awareness of the issues of Indigenous youth and observing the positive actions taken to deal with these issues, the series has the potential to impact on a wider audience.

Episode One – Who am I?
Ego's clash and minds meet as the 12 teenagers explore Sydney Harbour.

Episode Two – Shooting for the Stars
Back at base, the teenagers hang with a rock star and a world-class comic.

Episode Three – Deadly Encounters
Each teenager performs an act that is judged by Aussie super stars. Alan meets his father for the first time.

Episode Four – Happy Holidays
The teenagers are pampered at a plush hotel, but the fun doesn't last long

Episode Five – The Gathering Part 1
The teenagers challenge their fears at an overnight camp.

Episode Six – The Gathering Part 2
The camp climaxes as Alan resolves his father issue.

Episode Seven – You can't touch this
A graffiti artist, a Krumper and a Rapper visit home base.

Episode Eight – Sad Love
The girl's explore their sexuality as the boys learn how to treat women.

Episode Nine – Teenage heavy weight
The teenagers spar with the middle weight champion of the world.

Episode Ten – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
The girls meet a top model amidst a beauty make-over as Kayla is scouted by a top modelling agency.

Episode Eleven – Walkabout
The teenagers get a culture burst at a sacred Indigenous reserve.

Episode Twelve - The Performance
The teenagers perform a dance routine to a crowd of over 300 people.

Episode Thirteen – Over the Edge
Each teenager's journey throughout the series is relived.


Fran Dobbie is a teacher, author and motivational speaker and mother. As creator and former CEO of Essere Living Skills, a charitable organisation, Fran led a team that delivered resilience building and self-esteem workshops to young people. Fran is the daughter of a Yuni woman from the south coast of NSW, Australia and an English born Father. She produced and presented 'Living Edge' the pilot in December, 2008.
She was nominated for the 'Pride of Australia' medal in 2007 for the category of 'Peace'  

PRESENTER Alec Doomadgee

Alec GoogardooDoomadgee is a radio broadcaster, television presenter,  actor and father of five children. He was born in Doomadgee in the Waayi, Garawa & Gangalidda nations and he was raised in a traditional  Aboriginal community until he was a teenager.   He started formal school at 14 and then went to the University in Townsville before taking engagements as a radio broadcaster Brisbane and Sydney. Alec remains closely connected to his tribal clan.  As an initiated tribal leader he has major tribal responsibilities but also produces programs to connect troubled teenagers connect to their Indigenous heritage. Currently the Program Manager for Koori Radio.


Kate Kennedy White is an award winning Director, Writer, Producer and a former Executive Producer at two television networks and the digital platform MSN in Australia.  She has directed television programs in Africa, India,  Europe, North and South America, Asia  and Australia and has been recognised for her excellence in television production with several  international awards including the Gold Medal, New York Television Festival and twice winner of the coveted Prix Jeunesse in Munich   Kate was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal for excellence in production in 2001.   

PRODUCER Martin Guinness

Documentary maker Martin was educated in Manchester (UK) and New York (USA), where he graduated in the film course of the School of Visual Art. He is an official jury member of the AFI awards and an official peer for the Australia Council for the Arts. Producer and writer of 'Through a Child's Eyes' (2006), Finding Joy (2002), Saturday Night (2000), A Glorious Way to Die (1994), Death Zone ((1993), Life's Burning Desire (1992).

DIRECTOR Benjamin Rose

Benjamin Rose is a television writer, director and producer and as course director at the Sydney Academy of Film and TV he teaches presenting, directing and writing. His credits include script writing on several Australian television dramas, including the award winning "G.P" and "Corelli". He currently directs the weekly television show EWTV on Foxtel. Benjamin directed the "Living Edge" pilot in 2008 and is in the middle of revising the internationally acclaimed book by Paul Bailey, "Think of an Elephant" for international release in 2010 to the youth market. Ben lives in Sydney with his loving wife and two wonderful boys.


Jessica Mauboy is an Australian singer and songwriter who rose to prominence as runner up on Australian Idol in 2006. Her albums have gone gold including a number one hit "Burn". Born in Darwin, Jessica has a unique heritage. Her father has a Timorese Indonesian background, and her mother is an Indigenous Australian. Â In 2007 she won the Deadly's Artist of the Year.


Sean Choolburra is a comedian, MC, dancer, Hip Hop, Didgeridoo Player and traditional Workshop performer.  He trained and toured internationally with the Bangarra Dance Company and he was the creator and leader of the Naroo Dancers. Sean has three different tribal heritages: his father is from the Girrma tribe around Tully, his mother from the Kalkadoon tribe of Mount Isa, and his grandfather from the Kukuyalanji tribe of Cooktown in far North Queensland. He combined his talent and energy with his ancestral understanding and knowledge  to become an in demand  cultural ambassador. 


Anthony Mundine is an Indigenous Australian boxer. He is a former two-time WBA Middleweight champion and currently holds the IBO Middleweight Champion. He was named the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Person of the Year in 2000. He has also won The Deadly's Award as Male Sportsperson of the Year in 2003, 2006 and 2007


Samantha Harris is an Australian model who is tipped to be the first Australian indigenous Model having completed a Photo shoot in New York for GLAMOUR magazine with Patrick Demarchelier Samantha's Mother is an Indigenous Australian and her father is of German Descent.


Jay Johnson grew up in the 80's in Sydney's west and at a young age found a creative outlet in graffiti. Since then he has grown creatively and now finds himself still doing graffiti in his spare time but also using his creativity in cinematography and editing.

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